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01 September, 2022 • Athens

Petition appeal!

Wael Haffar Habbal and Abdulkareem (Kareem) Alkabbani, with whom Onassis Stegi is developing their project in Athens, have had their asylum status revoked by the Greek government. 

Wael and Kareem met in 2018 in Athens as refugees, and decided to start the Syrian And Greek Youth Forum (SGYF). Their aim was to build a platform for belonging, to reactivate long histories of shared culture between Greece and Syria, to improve conditions and prospects for refugees in Greece, and to develop methods of representation coming from their perspectives. When most people were trying to leave Greece, they both decided to stay and have been actively contributing to the society of Athens ever since. They considered Greece as a home and not as a transit country, or as the gateway to Europe. Through their work as Syrian Greek Youth Forum they have actively contributed to Athenian society. 

They have started a petition to get their asylum status reinstated. Please help.

Click here for the petition link.