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21 November, 2023 • Berlin


The Peng! Collective: Ähmazon

we know that you are trying your best. We all do.
But we talked to friends and our impression is: it’s not enough.
That’s why we offer you help. Specifically: your employees.

If you observe something wrong, we would be happy if you contacted us. No matter whether in management, as a programmer, packer or as a delivery driver. We review it and pass it all on confidentially to journalists who professionally investigate and contextualise it.

But we also want to give all of your customers the opportunity to increase the pressure on politicians. Because the German postal law is to be changed very soon. And that is an instrument to can make Amazons exploitation more difficult. To prohibit subcontractors. And sub-sub-contractors. And sub-sub-sub-contractors. And: anyone should get money when your private apartment becomes parcel storing room.

Or course, you are all cordially invited to the Rimini Protokoll theater evening from November 23rd at the Cabuwazi circus in Marzahn. Tickets are available at the Volksbühne.

We look forward to seeing you and being a good neighbor!

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