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XII Zurich

ULYSSES European Odyssey

Lana Bastašić
Is being a European citizen more important than being a citizen of an individual nation?

Eighteen established writers, one from each city/region, will be commissioned to write a chapter in a response to their Arts & Society theme within the context of their city.

Just as Ulysses is innovative in its form and language, so the writers will be chosen with a view to reflecting a breadth of genres, styles and innovations. Each writer will ideally attend their own city’s event. All the (new) chapters from the 18 cities/regions will be brought together in a book publication: ULYSSES European Odyssey.

Lana Bastašić will write the Zurich chapter.

Writer’s Statement

The writer’s statement will follow shortly

Writer’s Biography

The writer Lana Bastašić is a Yugoslav-born writer. She has published fiction, poetry, essays and plays. Her short stories have received numerous regional awards in the Balkans, including the Ulaznica and Zija Dizdarevic. Her first novel, Catch the Rabbit, won the European Union Prize in Literature, the International Latisana Prize in Italy. The book was shortlisted for the Dutch European Award and longlisted for the Dublin International Literary Award. It has been translated into more than 20 languages. Her last book is a collection of short stories, Milk Teeth. Bastašić is one of the founders of Escola Bloom literary school in Barcelona. She is the current DAAD Writer in Residence in Berlin.