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Pascal Navarro

Visual Artist
Migration, porosity and integration

This project strand offers short residency opportunities in partner cities for 30 emerging artists. Each UEO city partner will send two artists on a residency to another partner’s city of a different art form, thereby seeking to enrich their professional practice through inter-disciplinary residencies. Artists are chosen on the basis of having demonstrated an interest in the hosting city’s Arts & Society contemporary European theme. They must also practice a different art form from that of the hosting city’s public event. The project offers the emerging artists the opportunity to travel without the pressure to produce work and ideally to experience UEO’s public events.

Pascal Navarro (visual artist) will travel to Lisbon.

Marseille’s other artist Mayura Torii will travel to Berlin

Artist’s Statement

The question of loss, which we can still qualify as erasure, or entropy, is at the heart of my work, through different mediums. It developed over several years around a set of drawings that I qualify as negentropic, and whose particularity is to alter over time, due to their composition of inks of different qualities. Initially monochrome, they very slowly reveal figures of vestiges that have sometimes disappeared, such as the city of Palmyra. These drawings exist in the form of installations, in the form of canvases, or as in-situ artworks outdoors. They always have a specific relationship to the light that reveals them. Other pieces are rooted in the relationship to inhabited places, the family home in particular, and leading on from this a series of sculptures made from precious family heirlooms, installations from stripped-back houses, wall-paintings that play with repainting and the resistance of traces. “Beauty Club – Maternity seems to participate in this dispositive (…)Here, the image is painted in four stages in black ink on an entire wall. To restore the distinction of values despite the exclusive use of black, each layer of ink is covered with white acrylic paint. It is at this point that the exhibition is inaugurated. A new coat of white paint is added to every week until its last day of the exhibition. (…) Every attempt at erasure of the image thus carries within it the double condition of its disappearance and its reminiscence.” Edouard Monnet, extract from Memories still green, 2021. (Pascal Navarro)

Artist’s Biography

Pascal Navarro was born in Albi, 1973 and lives in Marseille. His recent solo exhibitions have included: 2023 – Repeindre, Galerie Arti, Marseille / 2022 – Mourir en robe de mariée, Metaxu, Toulon. (c. Benoît Bottex) -Just like that bluebird, Cité radieuse, Marseille / 2021 – Memories still green, (duoshow avec Suzanne Hetzel), Vidéochroniques, Marseille (c. Edouard Monnet) – Tout va comme je vais, Frac PACA hors les murs, Ceillac / 2019 – Le stock et le flux, Maison Salvan, Labège (c. Paul de Sorbier) / 2018 – Notre sombre splendeur, Le BILD, école d’art de Digne, en partenariat avec le FRAC PACA (c. Laurent Charbonnier) – Où êtes-vous Paulette Galice ?, Centre d’arts de Port de Bouc / 2017- Dessins néguentropiques, Centre d’art d’Istres, vitrine de l’ancien Hôtel de Ville.

His work can be found in several public collections: FRAC Provence Alpes-côte d’azur, Fonds communal de la ville de Marseille, Arthothèque Miramas, Artothèque Grasse, Conseil départemental des Bouches du Rhône. His publications include: Le stock et le flux, éditions Maison Salvan, 2021 and Just like that bluebird, éditions Maison Salvan, 2019.

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