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X Istanbul
Public Event 02 June - August, 2023


Yalan Dünya Films Ltd.
Street art installation, exhibition and film festival participation • Coexistence in modern day Europe

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02 June – August, 2023




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Istanbul, a vibrant 8500 year-old city of more than 16 million inhabitants. The intersection between east and west. Hundreds of people caring for and feeding stray animals quietly, consistently. Leaning against a wall which must be at least a thousand years old, and noticing a newly planted ivy holding onto it. At a vibrant birthday party, looking out of the window to see a dead, silent cemetery. Human/nonhuman, ancient/new, life and death. A population which lives, co-exists together, if not, yet, always peacefully. But each claiming the city as home and a place for all.

Credit: Alper Şen


Istanbul, home for many civilisations since the Neolithic era and still home for more than 20 million people, as well as home to thousands of stray /wild animals in addition to countless historical buildings belonging to different eras of the city’s life. Against all the odds, people, members of urban ecology, time and places try to co-exist and form a life together.

Open public discussions, meetings on Co-existence/Togetherness are planned in many parts of the city, supported by film screenings and literary reading sessions. During these meetings and discussion sessions the real meaning of the concept will be examined, tested and explored. 

The main aim/s of the project is to re-member, re-define and re-construct the various possible reflections of the concept of the daily lives of the inhabitants of the city, and in the political arena of the world.

Social Media campaign

The events in Istanbul have been proceeded by a social media campaign and teaser shorts, some of which are included here.

Credit: Fazilet Onat


Friday 2nd June

10.00: “Co-existence” Meetings with students

Location: Istanbul University, Literature Department

Monday 5th June

“Is it possible to co-exist?” Talks (free and open to public)

Location: Yapı Kredi Cultural Centre  

18.30: Opening – Speaker, Ahsen Erdoğan

18.35: 100th year of Ulysses- Co-existence – Speaker, Gülen Güler

19.00: İstanbulian Joyce – Speaker, Fuat Sevimay

19.30: The reality of metropolis and Istanbul as the place to co-exist – Speaker, Bekir Ağırdır

20.00: Auditory networks-connecting, Forms of co-existence during Covid – Speakers, Begüm Özden Fırat, Çisel Karacebe, Suzy Levy

Tuesday 6th June

“Is it possible to co-exist?” Talks (free and open to the public)

Location: Yapı Kredi Cultural Centre

18.30: Opening – Speaker, Ahsen Erdoğan

18.35: Parallel Public Spaces – Speaker, Besim Dellaloğlu

19.00: Coexistence of Impulses as a Mental Necessity – Speaker, Talat Parman

19.30: A lack of consensus and  benefits being useless, possibilities being impossible – Speaker, B.Nihan Eren

20.00: Istanbul from  Feminist Perspective: Practices, places, togetherness – Speaker, Yağmur Yıldırım

Talks are open to public and free.

8th June- Thursday

14.00: “Co-existence” Meetings with Students

Location: Bosporus University

18.30: Taşkafa: Stories of the streets Documentary Film Screening

Location – Yapı Kredi Cultural Centre Loca (free and open to the public)

Saturday 10th June

13.00-15.00 -17.00: Sunset Melodrama Dance Performance (film available below)

Location – Yapı Kredi Cultural Center, Street Front

Choreography: Melih Kıraç

Performance: Barış Diker, Demet Aksular, Diana İzel Koç,Kamola Rashidova, Umut Özdaloğlu

Music: İKKİ Duo

Sound Design/ Composition: Fulya Uçanok, Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu

Costume: Guaj London

Production Design: Apo usta, Melih Kıraç, Serkan Aka

Let’s talk about friendship Reading and Philosophy workshop for children

Location – Yapı Kredi Cultural Centre, Loca

11.00 – 12.00: “Film Soundtrack” 6-9 ages, Çisel Karacebe

14.00-15.00: “Lilli’s Hat” 10-13 ages, Çisel Karacebe

16.00 & 18.00: 9/8fight4 1 a 9/8 fight for all of us Documentary Film Screening

Location – Yapı Kredi Cultural Centre

Director, Choreography, Editing:  Gizem Aksu

10th -15th June

Documentary Film Festival: films about co-existence

Sunday 11th June

SAAT:13.00 -16:00: ’Togetherness’ Meeting with diverse inhabitants of Balat.

Location – Balat Cultural Centre

15th June – 15th August

‘In Between’ Sevinç Altan, Street Art Installation

Location – Throughout Istanbul

Sunday 18th June

16.00: Sound and Words, Music of James Joyce Talk – Speakers, Okuma Bahçesi, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Academy, Assc Prof, Zeynep Bilge and Sungu Okan

Location: Tophane-i Amire Cultural Centre

Tuesday 20th June

“A Day in Istanbul” Painting Exhibition: 18 Paintings by Hannah Stevenson 

Location – 44A Sanat Galerisi

25th June onwards

18 Hours in Istanbul, Moments from the City Digital Video Performance

Artists: Alper Şen, Sine Ergün, Eda Emirdağ

The dates and some of the invited guest speakers may be subject to change.

Credit: Yapi Kredi

Sunset Melodrama dance performance

A touching dance piece explored coexistence in front of the publishing house, Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat, which published the first Turkish translation of Ulysses. It is situated on a huge main street, people passing by were drawn from the street to watch – the democracy of public spaces which was so important to Joyce.

Translating Ulysses screening

During the Documentarist Film Festival, Translating Ulysses was screened – a film about writer Kawa Nemir taking on the near impossible literary mission of translating Ulysses into Kurdish. Directed by Aylin Kuryel and Firat Yucel.

Meetings with students

Public talks