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Public Symposium Throughout 2023


Yalan Dünya Films Ltd.
Discussion • Coexistence in modern day Europe

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Various around Istanbul, Turkey


06 – 15 June, 2023

Each city partner across its 16 European countries will host a cross-sectoral symposium exploring the relationship between the city and its Ulysses inspired ARTS & SOCIETY theme – migration, democracy, mental health, environmental pollution, social co-existence, sexual equality and freedom of speech, amongst others. In June 2024 all partners will gather in Dublin to discuss the outcomes of the city symposia and a statement will be published in late 2024, structured in the form of 309 questions and possible answers (as inspired by episode 17 of Ulysses) regarding the role of Arts & Society in a better future Europe. 

The symposium is an on-going process in Istanbul – meetings, discussions, mini-symposia at, among others, Bosporus University, Topkapi University, Istanbul University, Aydın University.

An inspiring and moving gathering also took place at the Balat Culture Centre, home of the Soroptimist Club.

5th Symposium Talk
6th Symposium Talk