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XIV Eleusis
Public Symposium September 2023

Environmental challenges & climate change

CHORUS, Brave New World Producties, Eleusis, European Capital of Culture
Discussion • Socio-ecological challenges: safeguarding our seas and shores.

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Date & Time

28 September: 21.00 – 01.00



Each city partner across its 16 European countries will host a cross-sectoral symposium exploring the relationship between the city and its Ulysses inspired ARTS & SOCIETY theme – migration, democracy, mental health, environmental pollution, social co-existence, sexual equality and freedom of speech, amongst others. In June 2024 all partners will gather in Dublin to discuss the outcomes of the city symposia and a statement will be published in late 2024, structured in the form of 309 questions and possible answers (as inspired by episode 17 of Ulysses) regarding the role of Arts & Society in a better future Europe. 

The metamorphoSEA symposium took place on 28 September during the performance days (September 26-30, 2023).

The metamorphoSEA symposium, inspired by the Vlycha region and how Eleusinians relate to it, addressed the social dimension of climate change by discussing socio-ecological challenges and ways we can protect our seas and shores.

‘Are we really in control of our own lives?’

The symposium brought together a diverse group of participants, including locals from Eleusis and the broader CHORUS community, spanning various age groups and professional backgrounds. The primary objective was to engage in meaningful discussions around the theme of “Socio-ecological challenges: safeguarding our seas and shores.”

The event followed a dinner / discussion format, with local experts providing a historical and political context to frame the conversation. Throughout the symposium attendees raised questions, voiced concerns, and shared reflections on the pressing socio-ecological challenges facing coastal areas, specifically that of Eleusis, and more specifically how national economic interests take precedence over the well-being of people. They questioned whether there is a chance to restore polluted waters and the local natural environment, as well as ways that Art may serve a cathartic purpose in addressing socio-ecological challenges and other societal issues. 

Notably, participants included individuals from a wide range of professions, such as lawyers, performing artists, actresses, bakery owners, cultural managers, F&B owners, communications specialists, actors, special education teachers, retired teachers, data analysts, retired commercial managers, museologists, and physiotherapists.

This diverse mix of participants, with varying backgrounds and knowledge of the city and the symposium’s theme, facilitated a rich and comprehensive dialogue, contributing to the symposium’s goal of addressing socio-ecological challenges related to the protection of our seas and shores.

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