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VII Berlin
Public Symposium 01 June, 2023

Flic-Flacs in Amazonia

Rimini Protokoll, The Peng! Collective
Discussion • Commodity fetish, warehouse logistics, and torn dreams of the 21st Century.

The Everyman and the Epic

Public access

€8 Tickets can be booked via the Volksbühne

Date & Time

01 June, 2023



Each city partner across its 16 European countries will host a cross-sectoral symposium exploring the relationship between the city and its Ulysses inspired ARTS & SOCIETY theme – migration, democracy, mental health, environmental pollution, social co-existence, sexual equality and freedom of speech, amongst others. In June 2024 all partners will gather in Dublin to discuss the outcomes of the city symposia and a statement will be published in late 2024, structured in the form of 309 questions and possible answers (as inspired by episode 17 of Ulysses) regarding the role of Arts & Society in a better future Europe. 

This symposium, Flic-Flacs in Amazonia, operated as a preview for the performances and a kickoff for the rehearsal process. It included a diverse assembly of viewpoints on the digital markets, on circus, money theory, the act of shopping, and the economy of last mile delivery. The audience was briefed about the liberating erotism of early French department stores, and asked where in the world the tables are dancing and what their choreography is.